05 January 2005

It's Been a While

Okay, so it's been a while since I've posted. I think the last time I posted was New Year's Eve. A lot has happened since then! I had a blast going to Perkins with my friends - it's a good tradition that I think we've started, and I really like it because it's a set time that we get to catch up, even when breaks and school and such are busy.

Not much else has happened since then. I've figured out a lot of my work stuff for the coming semester, which is a load off my shoulders - I'm trying to set my priorities differently this semester - setting school work, God time, and work at the top of the list, but still making sure there's time for my friends.

It's been snowing like crazy here in Iowa. It started a little bit on Monday night with some flurries, but Tuesday afternoon it really picked up and then snowed continually until about 7:30 tonight - so it snowed over 24 hours straight. Schools were cancelling left and right. And up and down. I guess it snowed about 6 inches - at least that's what my parents were saying.

I was crafty again today. Hopefully I'll learn how to knit from my grandma sometime soon, but I didn't want to go out today. Instead, my mom and I made some pillows with leftover fabric that I had from a bunch of stuff - I'm excited to add some color to my dorm witht these pillows.

Jack left on Tuesday. For LA. He got to Denver last night - that much we know for sure. He is on his way to Tucson today - a 14 hour drive, and is supposed to give us a ring when he gets there. I'm sure he's fine, but my parents are a bit worried about it. Lucky duck, he gets to be in the nice weather and we get to endure the snow.

Well, turns out that I have to work at Dordt tomorrow morning - Dr. D e-mailed me and said he needed me to do bowings - yippee. I'll have to make sure that I take my CD player and such along so that it's not so dead quiet - Dr. D always makes fun of me, but I can't deal with silence - maybe it's part of my generation.

I've started running out of things for me to do, and I'm not content just sitting and reading books anymore. I like the book I'm reading, but it's only satisfying for so long. Then I play a game online and get sick of that. I watch TV but get sick of that really quickly - I have just a few shows that I really like to watch, and the rest I could really care less about.

Anyway, everyone is supposedly coming back this coming Monday and moving in. I'm excited to move back to my dorm where I seemingly have a bit more space. I'm also ready to start my new classes and get a feel of what they're like. I'm not looking forward to writing the check to Dordt, but I guess that's what goes with living and learning there.

Well, I suppose that's it for now. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up when classes start...I don't even know if anyone will need to read it then, but it's a good thought - processing project for me. Later.