30 July 2006

one last "home for the weekend" blog

Well, it's Sunday afternoon. After taking a lovely nap, I decided it's time for my final "I'm home from camp for the weekend"-type blog.

This week marks our last week of camp. I'll be working at day camp with 1-4th graders. This means that the same kids will come Mon-Fri, but only from 8-3:30ish, not staying overnight. That's pretty nice, because that means that I'll have some of my nights free (not all, sometimes we have to help out) and be able to start packing up.

On Saturday, we need to be out of our rooms by noon. I'll officially have spent 11 weeks at Inspiration Hills. It's been a really good experience. I'm glad I did it.

That's what's going on over here. When I get home on Saturday, I'll be home for just over three weeks, and then I leave for Costa Rica!

21 July 2006

life is good

I'm hanging out at my house with two other counselors. We're having a baseball party. Hooray. A much needed hang out time. Life is good with baseball.

I worked with junior high this week. It was good. A nice change of pace.

I go back to 4-6th grade next week, at lodge. Good ole faithful. It will be good.

I only have 2 weeks left at camp. Hypothetically, they'll be at lodge and then at day camp. Then I go home.

I'm working the weekend at camp, but we always have Fridays off. I'll be busy cleaning/setting tables for the rest of the weekend.

Laundry at home and not waiting in line is good.

I'm studying in Costa Rica. (That's for you, Kunnari).

14 July 2006

another one down.

some tidbits of thoughts from the last couple of days...

another high school/childhood friend got married today.

while there, i realized a good high school friend has now been married for two years!

my camper thought i was 27 years old this week.

campers see a ring on your left ring finger and immediately assume you're married.

when you tell them you're not, they ask if you're trying to make people think you are.

camp food is like eating in grade school lunchrooms all over again.

some songs never grow old... like "Pharaoh, Pharaoh."

in three weeks, i'm done with camp.

in six weeks, i'm leaving the country.

i'm not ready to leave the country.

i'm home for the first time in a month.

when you spend a lot of time with the same people, you think you see them all over, even when you know they're not even remotely close to where you are...

it's hot outside.

i like my house.

i like my family.

i feel disconnected, in "almost no reception or internet" land.

i'm going to bed now.

08 July 2006

weekend at camp

hi all. it's another weekend at camp. i spent the week working around the camp and being sick. i slept the 4th of july away and then went to the doctor this week where they said "yep, you're sick" and gave me medicine. so, the good news is that i'm starting to feel better.

it's staff development weekend here at camp. that means that yesterday we all went out to eat at Panera and then went to Wal-Mart/Barnes and Noble for the night. Today we're doing evaluations with the coordinators and with our boss. My evaluations were fine - both were "yep, you're good, keep up the good work" sort of stuff.

the other interesting thing going on this weekend is that a bunch of the boys are getting mohawks. crazy and impulsive, it's actually sort of hilarious.

i bought a spanish book at barnes and noble last night. short stories by Sandra Cisneros. Hard to read (takes a lot of time), but it's good.

k, here i go.

01 July 2006



it's a work weekend for me. 2 weekends this summer, I hang out and clean, set tables, clean bathrooms, etc. lifeguard a bit at the pool. not such a rough life, but no sleeping in. sad.

it was another good week at lodge camp. we had a lot of sickness, but the week got better after wednesday.

i think i'm getting sick. i have a sore throat that hasn't gone away since i woke up four hours ago. i'll keeping drinking liquids.

next week i'll be doing "buildings and grounds" duties instead of counselor, since we have less kids than we initially anticipated. part of my time i'll also be "counselor backup". it will be a different change of pace, but probably a well-needed change of pace.

next weekened we have a "staff development" weekend. not sure what it all entails, but I know that means we all have to hang out here for the weekend.

so, that's what's up. i'm over halfway through my stint here at camp. 5 weeks to go. it's been a wonderful experience so far. keep writing me those letters - they help tremendously.