24 June 2006


Well, hello.

I know it's been a while since I've posted. Last weekend was a lovely weekend, filled with a trip to Sioux Falls, mass Sunday Dinner Celebration, and a lot of good sleep that I needed. We celebrated my birthday, and it was great. A good birthday, although a bit more disjointed than normal.

This past week I was at wilderness camp, camp with framed structures and tarps over top of them (we call them "tenabins"), cooking over the fire, sleeping practically outside, hearing thunderstorms, and lots of hiking. It was a week of no showers, smelling horrible, but having a good time. I spent the week with 4-6th graders again, which was mostly good once again.

Last night we went to one of the counselor's houses to hang out for a while and just chill, which was really great to just let go for a while. Now, it's parents' weekend at camp and we're getting ready for all sorts of people to come and hang out and see the camp.

So, that's my life at the moment. I'm "in the swing of things" at camp now, which doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot (I move around a lot... :s) Next week, Lodge camp again, 4-6th grade again.

Until next time...

I bid thee adieu and adios.

09 June 2006

another week, another post

well hello again to all my friends.

it's another week gone, and we've officially finished staff training. which also means we got our first paycheck. which also means we know each other as a staff REALLY well and are ready for this weekend.

next week will be our first week with campers - I'll be at "lodge camp," which means that I'll be at the regular camp, as opposed to day camp or wilderness camp. i'm pretty excited - we have 4-6th graders next week.

other than that, not a whole lot is happening - the pool was finally open this week, which meant a lot of swimming and whatnot. and it's been a lot of loose ends this week, as well as getting the camp ready for camp. it was a different week from last week, but still good. it went really fast!

so, this is about it from me again until next weekend, when I go home for various reasons: fathers' day, my birthday, and a celebration of dave and shannon's wedding! (while they're actually in california....).

So, until then...

signing off.

03 June 2006

week in review

it's been a week.

i'm sitting at home by my laptop, although my computer is being ridiculously slow. i think it's been suffering from not being used much lately. i'll restart after this.

it's been a full week of getting to know each other as a staff as well as getting used what will be going on when we finally get campers. amazingly enough, we actually don't get our first group of campers until June 12th. Next week is more staff training, video-ing, physical preparation for camp, as well as hopefully a few jumps into the pool.

i'm home for just over 24 hours. home for things i forgot, home to watch the final episode of alias, home to hang out with my family, home to go to church for pentecost. that wasn't in order of priority by the way...

anyway, that's about all i can think of to tell you. nothing has been too amazingly exciting that you need to know. a few jokes about mock dating and blindfold weddings, but those will just have to stay with the staff....