30 August 2010

Still Married... still no pictures!

We're still married (okay, 2 weeks, I know, no big feat!) and still have no pictures...

We can't wait to see them and promise to post as soon as we get them. Until then, go check out my Facebook at www.facebook.com/nikki.ehrenberg for a few sneak peak pictures (there are tons under photos of me...)

Until then, we give you the N/N Ehrenberg clan (inspired by a logo on a wedding card from one of our guests - we just had to make good use of it!)

23 August 2010

We're Married!!!

We're married!!!

The day was gorgeous and fantastic and wonderful. The honeymoon was bliss. The gift opening was a blast. THe IKEA excursion was long. And now we're back to work!

Pictures coming later, I promise :)

05 August 2010


Hi friends,

I'm long over due for a post and I know it. Life has been super chaotic in ways that I never imagined.

We're now down to the single digits - only 9 days until we get married. I can hardly believe it's so close, considering it felt like it was such a distant date for so long. Now it's almost here! We're monitoring the absurd 15-day forecasts that can't possibly predict the weather that far out. But we look anyway. High of 77, high of 97 - sure, we can predict the weather!

I have 2 more work days left until the fun begins. The crazy (or amazing?) thing is that I don't feel like our to-do list is endless. I know what needs to happen. I know there will be people there to help out, and I know it will get done. But I still think about the wedding ALL the time. I feel stressed, but not because it won't get done. Because that's all I think about. I'm just ready for days when I don't work. Feels like everything else has gone to the wayside with this planning, so I'm looking forward to some planning-free days :)

For now, I'll pack up my things and head out for work. I'll make some phone calls, ask people for money, and do my job. But 48 hours from now, I'll be having a girls' night in, enjoying time with friends, and celebrating the freedom of vacation time!

Hope you're all well.