28 February 2005

Monday Night

So, it's Monday night and I'm not tired, so I thought I'd recap my life as I know it the past six weeks. It won't be long, I promise. I'm halfway throught the semester now and there are roughly 40 school days until graduation day. Then the old brother graduates. I can hardly believe it.

Spring break is a mere ten days away, and I think the natives are beginning to get restless. I know that I am. I get to find substitute teachers, praise-teamers, get to get out of work, and all that good stuff. California, baby. Not just California, but So-Cal. I'm pretty excited. Some good hang out time with some good people.

I'm working on a year plan right now that's due in a week - I have to broadly plan a whole year of a specific class - what text we'll be using, what units we'll have, how we made those decisions, etc. - I'm doing an Advanced Spanish: Lit and Conversation class. I'm pretty excited, but not quite sure how it will work out - might end up kind of scatter brained.

Anyway, I keep telling myself to go to bed, because I have mini-teaching tomorrow morning, which means waking up sometime around 6:30, but that seems so far yet so close.