28 March 2007

...the highlight of tour...

I forgot to mention pretty much the most exciting thing that happened on tour... you get the picture ;)

27 March 2007

Jiggity Jig.

Hello. I am back from tour.

We went all over the place: Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota. It was a busy tour, for sure, but it was good. Fun to get to know more people.

Now it's back to the grind. Only 7 more weeks until graduation...eek! Somehow in there I have to write 3 major papers and do a lot of other stuff, too!

Hope you're well.

14 March 2007


Hello all.

Today I leave for Spring Break tour with the Band/Orchestra. It shall be an adventure, that is to be for sure. We begin with an 18-20 hour drive up to Canada. Hopefully things will stay interesting and we'll be able to get enough sleep, all at the same time!

You may not hear from me for a while, depending on if I get internet access. If not, have a good Spring Break or week and a half or whatever time of year it is for you.

Also, props to Justine. She broke my stalemate. I vowed to make no more posts until someone commented, and then she went and commented (without knowing about my stalemate)!


07 March 2007

...oh, heresy

So, today I realized that my Heresies class is pretty hilarious. So, in honor of his hilarity, here are a few encounters with the class, many which involve the professor....

Encounter 1: Professor: "And where do you place the Bible?"
Student: "On the head of Judaism and the butt of Catholicism."

Encounter 2: Professor: "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"
(students have no idea how to answer)
Professor: "Depends on what kind of dance."

Encounter 3: Professor: "Calvin says, are we born equal? No, we are not!"

Encounter 4: (premise: discussion on the feeding of the 5,000 and whether or not Jesus fed exactly 5,000 people)
Student: "No, it wasn't exactly 5,000."
Professor: "How do you know?"
Student: "I was there."

Encounter 5: Mark: "I just performed a miracle. I could be a saint!"
Tim: "Does that mean we get to kill you?"

As you can see, the class offers a lot of interesting interaction. It makes up for some of the experience we experience at times. Maybe it's geeky theology humor, but it makes me smile.

06 March 2007

My Inspiration for the Day

"And what does the Lord require of you? To do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God."

01 March 2007


Hello my friends.

I, your bubble-popping friend, will be the Day Camp Coordinator at Inspiration Hills this summer. That's right, they're entrusting me to be in charge of small children! Yippy!

As you may have already guessed, this was the big decision I had to make this week. After much deliberation and consultation with many people, I came to the conclusion that I could go for it. I'll start looking for a "real job," as they call it, while I'm there.

Since it's official, I thought it would be exciting to share the news with all of you :)