30 April 2006

things that suck (in no particular order)

**if you're involved in one of these...please understand I'm not attacking you, but the situation**

- knowing that you're the world's worst roommate
- knowing the above and seeing how well the room gets along without you
- not knowing what's wrong with your knee
- having everyone but you forget about how much your knee hurts
- stairs
- feeling like bawling because life is no fun
- telling someone you're worried and having them reply "i'm worried, too, I don't know how to comfort you."
- feeling like an event you plan is more of a pain than a joy
- wanting to tell someone how you really feel, but afraid you'll sound selfish and bitter and weak and insecure
- being absolutely scared to receive no answers whatsoever on Thursday about my knee
- knowing that Jesus will take care of things, but being completely unable to just let it go
- feeling like everyone's nice and no one's "close" at this time of year
Life is funny, life's a mess
Sometimes a curse sometimes a blessing
Don't worry about a thing
Life is sticky, life can bruise
Sometimes you win sometimes you're losing
No matter what it brings
Don't worry about a thing

27 April 2006


my knee hurts. and i'm a whiner. and it hurts, and i'm making sure that's clear to all of you.

on another note, i think leann rimes must know me personally. her newest song, something's gotta give, must actually be about me. she just doesn't know it yet. "jennie's got a job, a cat named jake, 31 candles on her birthday cake next year. she thought by now she'd have a man, two car seats and a mini-van, but she's still layin' here."

Okay, so I know I'm not 31, I'll have dog...but I swear, 10 years from now, this will be me.

okay, enough whining, back to talking about other religions.

24 April 2006

Putting it all into numbers...

28 days until I leave for camp
16 days until I leave for LA
6 average hours of sleep each night (until vacation!!)
5 days of classes
4 exams
4 new pairs of jeans!
3 m/w/f classes left
2 days of exams
2 conversation classes left
2 t/th classes left
1 take-home exam

21 April 2006

victory is mine!

Done, done, done. Cross the 2nd big end-of-the-semester paper. 10 pages on Jainism. Everything you wanted to know about the obscure religion and some you didn't want to know.

Next on the list: transcribe 2 spanish interviews phonetically. Research a Latin American poet. Write 2 5-page papers in Spanish. Learn some Greek real quick-like.


18 April 2006

i know i just posted...but this is worth it, i promise

You are a Black Coffee

At your best, you are: low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable

At your worst, you are: cheap and angsty

You drink coffee when: you can get your hands on it

Your caffeine addiction level: high

an ode to billie joe.

oh, summer, how you are approaching near. you tempt us with your warm weather, the wind, the desires for air conditioning (yet you know you shouldn't). Then you flee away, leaving the cold and bitter remains of 45 degree weather with slowly falling rain.

I'm so excited for summer, you probably don't even realize. I'm excited for what promises to be a wonderful combination of activities over the summer:
1. Go to LA and visit brother and sister-in-law
2. Start working at camp
3. Spend a few weekends back home, hanging out with "The Core"/"The Corps" (whenever they decide on spelling)
4. Have a great birthday/fathers' day weekend
5. Go to Briana/Kyle's wedding July
6. Spend my August hanging out, catching up, and packing
7. Spend precious days with friends
8. Leave for Costa Rica!

Every summer, I think it can't be like it was last summer. Last summer was wonderful. Can it really be like that again? But then I had two wonderful "summer-at-dordt" experiences in a row. Now I'm overly hopeful that something good will come out of this summer, just like it always has.

The thoughts of summer have been filled with promises to come back and visit a few wonderful people. Excited to hear who's sticking around (yeah for you, if that's you!)

I've also been reminiscing about summers past. Summers full of nintendo playing, Spanglish, 4-square, 9-square, visits to the park and swimming pool, cell phone calls, and singing crazy songs down the highway, having all the "cruise night" kiddies look at us like crazy. Yeah, that's right.

So, if you're around this summer, watch out, it's gonna be a good one!
You Are Scary

You even scare scary people sometimes!
Today is monday and I'm thinking that it's going to be a really long week. I have orchestra today, something I don't normally have on Mondays, but we have a concert next Tuesday, so we have practice tonight.

Something good and bad happened today. My professor delayed a paper that we have to write. We were going to have to turn it in this Friday, but he delayed it to next Friday. This is good because I have a lot to do and it will be a little easier to write it...but, it's also hard because I have two other papers that i have to write next week. So, I"m thinking that I want to write the paper this week anyway. But if this actually happens...probably not, becaus I'm horrible at doing my homework early.

I found out today that the other girl that had applied to the Costa Rica program is going to go! She was waiting because they said they wanted to wait until all the applications had come in and then they were going to decide. Well, they decided and accepted her. I'm going to have anothe rperson that I know in Costa Rica next semester! Yay!

Well, I think I"m done for today. I have to study my Greek tonight because I have a huge test tomorrow and it will be hard even if I study, so I should study a lot!

15 April 2006

how I miss them..

did you ever watch Carmen Sandiego on the PBS channels? Or Ghostwriter? Saved by the Bell, when it was good? Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Picture Perfect.

Sometimes I think they don't make awesome shows like they used to. Even some awesome ones before I was born. M*A*S*H, Petticoat Junction, Family Affair, Welcome Back Kotter...they used to show these on TVLand all the time, before they decided it wasn't cool to show them. I love them. There were so cool. M*A*S*H is the only one that I see on air anymore, so sad.

What shows did you grow up with, that you miss? What shows have you seen that you think should still be showing? Any show that was short-lived that you thought should have made it? I have my list of modern shows that should have made it, too:

Dark Angel
John Doe
Now & Again
...so many more

Maybe I'm a TV addict. It's been said before. But there's something about a well-made show with an amazing knack for humor that really lifts your spirits at time. MASH is like that, good humor, basically clean, actually sends a message/opinion, and seemingly timeless. Can't go wrong with that.

Mm. Hook me up with some more of that good, classic tv.

11 April 2006

song re-write!

if your allergies make you sneeze, clap your hands
clap, clap
if your allergies make you sneeze, clap your hands
clap, clap
if your allergies make you sneeze, then your nose will surely feel it, if your allergies make you sneeze, clap your hands
clap, clap

if you love the springy weather, stomp your feet
stomp, stomp
if you love the springy weather, stomp your feet
stomp, stomp
if you love the springy weather, then your clothes will surely show it, if you love the springy weather, stomp your feet
stomp, stomp

if you have a lot to do, shout amen!
if you have a lot to do, shout amen!
if you have a lot to do, then i doubt you want to do it, if you have a lot to do, shout amen!

(thanks to Shannon for the idea!)

07 April 2006

letting go...

It's done. Our massive fundraiser for the public library is officially done. We had massive amounts of people, more than we expected, even after raising our numbers. Our estimates are somewhere around 250-300 people. We used almost 72 pounds of meat. More tomatoes than I can count on my ten fingers. I cut two fingers and burned my thumb. Thought my legs would fall out when I finally went home. We made more than we expected and are excited to give the library a lovely donation.

In other news, when I came home from the church, my body decided that now it was okay to get sick. Luckily, it wasn't this bad during the meal. But, my sore throat from that morning came back in full swing, along with a stuff nose and a bit of the chills.

So, hello vitamin c, echinacea, and dimetapp. I slept good, I tell you. I should sleep for 9 hours more often. Don't tell my prof I didn't get my homework done. I'm planning on explaining everything to him and I think he'll understand...he was there last night.

So, for those of you who came to the dinner, thanks, I love you! Things went so well...although I don't think I want to do a massive fundraiser for a few years....:)

04 April 2006

if you see me...

If you see me between now and Thursday night after 8pm...
1. it's only because I'm looking for my head that must be cut off and rolling around somewhere...
2. it's only because i'm avoiding my real responsibilities
3. you are a part of my real responsibilities
4. give me a hug, i'm going to need it

02 April 2006

You Are Diet Coke

You are energy in its purest form. No need to complicate things with sweetness.
And while people may hate your aftertaste, you are seen as a necessary evil.

Your best soda match: 7 Up

Stay away from: Coke