05 February 2009

A farewell.

This week we threw a farewell party for Christy, my old roommate, who left for Kenya for a year. She will be working with the Catholic Medical Mission Board, living on the edge of Lake Victoria and doing her nurse work that she is so great at.

5 girls who used to be roommates got together for the night and went out for dinner, went to Walgreens (high class, I know!), and joined some more of our friends for brownies, ice cream, banana bread, a great game of Partner Scattergories, and laughter. My tiny one bedroom apartment saw 10 people at one time...don't tell the fire marshall!
Then some people scattered and left and some of the girls stayed overnight in the apartment - we talked, caught up, and went to be plenty late for a work night. (Click on the picture for more pictures)

Wednesday morning, we all got ready and Christy went to the airport. She'll be well on her way to Kenya by now, arriving tomorrow morning our time.