26 November 2007

vacation in a list.

a list of all things good this weekend, in no particular order:

- good friends and laughter
- falling asleep during Hairspray, which turned out to be a wise choice
- being named Boggle Queen
- Mall Madness!
- hanging out with someone's family and not feeling awkward
- scads of wonderfully fun and hilarious photos
- a pause to watch one YouTube video turns into watching YouTube for 2 hours.
- videos like these: Love Song ; Llama ; Miss South Carolina ; and The iRack
- depriving myself of sleep for the mere purpose of spending more time with people
- meeting Kelly Pickler
- falling into our friendships like we'd never been apart
- 99 cent bowling!

There are so many more things to list, but there's just no time or space. It was great. Even being sleep deprived is worth it. Tonight I sleep scads to make up for it, and back to work again tomorrow!

20 November 2007

I reign victoriously.

That's right. I win. Finally. With a little help.

Internet is here! We finally have internet at our house, wirelessly nonetheless. As of 9:45pm tonight, I can now check-a my e-mail, post-a on my blog, and have-a smile! So, you can e-mail me in the hoardes. Comment frivolously. I shall be here to read, respond, and recycle!

In other news... I've changed positions at my job. I will now be working in the clinic as the receptionist/office manager. Things changed because of some other employee-related things, but it's all good on my end, because now I have the job that I originally applied for, plus I understand my boss better, so I think it's great. Plus, I don't have to dress up for work anymore - I have scrubs to wear! Hooray! No more dressy clothes that eat my money fund!

So, all is good over here. How are you?

12 November 2007

i know, it's been forever.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever.
We still don't have internet at our house, and the latest guess is sometime between Nov/Dec-ish. Who knows.

I spent the weekend in Sheboygan with Sarah and Rosh. It was fantastick.

hanging out, getting good pictures together!

Matthias was as cute as could be!

It was a great weekend and nice getaway. Hope you're doing well.