31 October 2005

Other Side of the Radio

So, I'm sitting here on Monday morning - it's just after 7am. I'm leaving for work in about ten minutes, so I figured I'd post before I go do that.

It's been a crazy weekend. Yesterday included dinner with the family and pictures and lots of talk about wedding. I tried to get some of my homework done while I was there, but that didn't work very well. Then was the Jars of Clay/Chris Rice/Sara Groves concert. All in all, it was a pretty good concert. I was bummed because the crowd really sucked for Sara Groves and Chris Rice - you could tell that most people were there for Jars of Clay and acted like they just wanted them off the stage to that Jars of Clay could come on. It was somewhat sad. But Jars of Clay was really awesome - they played new songs and old songs. I was expecting a lot from their Redemption Songs album, and they did play a majority from there, but also played songs like Flood and Love Song for a Savior and other old favorites.

And then, there's the never ending bane of my existence: homework. I'm really kind of crabby about that lately. Last night, I was supposed to study for 3 quizzes, read 85 pages in a book, answer 14 questions to an article, and type up what a research paper topic is going to be. It didn't all get done, I'll tell you. Don't ask me when it will. I'm not happy about the way that this is all happening -mostly because of way too much theology homework that I can't keep up with.

But, I feel as if I should end on a happy note...so.... here's Trevor, sleeping and covered with stuffed animals, completely unawares.

30 October 2005

It's about time for a party at my house....

And it wouldn't be the same without you....

Okay, don't worry, I'm not having a party at my house. But it is time for a party today - Jars of Clay/Chris Rice concert tonight!!

So, I saw the musical yesterday afternoon. For the most part, I really liked it. I don't think it's something that I feel like I missed out for not going 2-3 times. And I didn't leave it thinking it was the most amazing musical I've ever seen. But I still liked it.

I'm sitting here wondering what else I can tell you about my weekend so far. Nothing amazing or earth-shattering happened. Ushered Friday night and then ended the night with a crazy game of Taboo. Last night I played Simpsons Life. It was pretty fun. I adopted a foreign exchange student.

Well, I think that's I have to say to you people. Enjoy your Sunday.


27 October 2005

New Diet

In honor of the Jars of Clay/Chris Rice/Sara Groves concert, I am starting a new diet. No, not so that I can be lighter in order to body surf. A diet of music: Jars of Clay and Chris Rice only. I have 3 Chris Rice CDs and 5 Jars of Clay CDs. I don't think I'll run dry before Sunday night.

Switch to the Light (Dark) Side!

Okay, I think I've decided to switch back to blogger after all these months. Being here reminds me how much I like blogger in the first place -Xanga is nice and all, but I kind of feel like Blogger's more sophisticated. Maybe not, but that's my take.

So, starting soon, I'm switching over (not today, I already posted on Xanga).

Additional random quote: "Even if you haven't found your prince yet that doesn't mean you're not a princess." ~ "Princes and Frogs," by Superchic[k]