28 November 2005

The Big News...

Okay, so, I am officially "allowed" (per my own orders) to tell the world, i.e. whoever reads my blog, about my "big news" that I needed prayers about.

I have moved out of my apartment. I am living at home in our basement, where my brother used to live. I love my roommates dearly (and to all my roommates reading this I love you!), but we don't live well together. Add the stress of the end of the semester on top of that, and it was a recipe for no good. So, for the rest of this semester as well as next semester for sure, I'll be living at home. It's kind of cozy down here - I definitely have more space :)

In other news, I have a major big-old paper due on Friday and I'm hoping I can pull it off - I just sent questions to my primary source and I'm waiting for responses. Now all I have to do is decide how much more I need for sources and whether I can really write 8-10 pages on this topic.

Add to that a 10-page minimum paper due in the near future (he never really set a due date...), numerous exams, and some big written assignments in Spanish, and you've got my life for the next 3 weeks.

So, it's back to the sawmill. I've got 45 minutes before I have to work and I should probably get something productive done!

24 November 2005


To follow the trend...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today was a good day in my life. Played violin in church, spent a good part of the day at my grandma's for the big dinner and such, and also went to see "Yours, Mine, & Ours." Not so bad. Didn't stray too far from the movie, so that was encouraging to me.

Other than that, no big news over here. Actually there is, but it's not public yet, so just pray for me as I notify certain people about the news and you'll hear about it sometime next week!

Oh, and pray I live through the next 3 weeks of semester craziness. I really need to get some papers done!

K, that's it. Hope your Thanksgiving was good.


20 November 2005


By my professors. That's right. Because I have 3 tests on the last day of class. Which are all scary tests. I'm not sure if I'll sleep Monday night...

In other news...went to the One Acts last night - they were splendid and amazing. Granted, they were long, but they didn't feel that way. They ended up being about 3 hours and 15 minutes, including intermission, and it really didn't feel that long at all. There was a great one by Marcus about monkeys and typewriters. I've never seen Kara Kuipery jump around like that. Awesome. Also a great one called "The Ugly Duckling." I don't know, they were all good. If you want more, I can tell you more, but I have a feeling that a lot of people who read this saw the One Acts, so they don't need me to tell them about them.

Okay, so, moving on...we're moving, we're moving, we're moving, and on the left you will see my lovely non-functioning car, Harriet Augustus. The battery fried. It won't start. I can't drive it places. It's not the end of the world, that's guaranteed - especially since I know it's just the battery and that it will jump start, but it just won't start on its own once you turn it off. That was frustrating I'll tell you, being in Orange City and realizing the car wouldn't start.

We're moving, we're moving, we're moving, and on your right you will see a 7-page linguistics paper, a philosophy take-home test, a Greek book, a Spanish book, library books, and my brain, all begging to be put to use.

We're moving, we're moving, we're moving, and on your left you will see the exit. Watch out for the low ceiling, be careful not to trip on the step, and don't burn your forehead on the exit sign. Thank you for coming, please do drop by again.

16 November 2005

A Heart

For my mom. I love her. She reads my blog and sympathizes with bad days and gives me rides from the Taj Mahan to my apartment and calls to share news and asks my opinion on clothes. Thanks for being a fun, good, and amazing Mom.

15 November 2005

Ahh! Bad timing!

Let me just begin by saying this: Sometimes the timing of songs that you listen to is stellar - you're in a good mood, you hear a good song, "woot." And then, there are days like today - I'm trying to be in a good mood, and the song that plays is just what I don't need to here. Argh.

So, it snows. Lots. And it's supposed to blow today as well. Let me define my feelings on snow: It's pretty when you're sitting inside, warm, watching it fall and land on trees. It's ugly when you're walking/biking through it, accumulating 2" worth on your person, you're freezing, and it's all slushy on the cement.

And on a day like today, when we have 2 NISO concerts, that's just one more thing that I don't want to deal with. I already have a whole 25 minutes to eat lunch and change into concert clothes and get over to BJH (Taj Mahan), and now I have to deal with snow!

Okay, I'm done with my feelings on snow. Today is Tuesday, the 15th of November. I could barely drink 1 cup of coffee today. Don't ask why. Must be something wrong with me ;)

In other news: Let me just leave you with this thought: People are complex, complicated, and difficult to understand.

12 November 2005

For Mom

So, my mom wanted to know if there was a new post on my blog. So, in response, I will post. Here you go, Mom :)

I'm hanging out at home, getting my laundry done, and laughing at the company that is here. I love my house :)

Anyway, so much and so little has happened in the last few days since I've posted, especially if you don't count my "survey" as a real post. Jack and Jasmine are officially in Los Angeles, which is a wonderful thing. I called him this morning and woke him up in the process (Sorry, Jack).

I had the most amazing and exciting philosophy class this week. I never expected things to be this exciting or go this well, but they did. We had a written conversation with a partner about some of the topics we've been talking about. Karen and I had some really great conversations and it was really quite exciting. We walked out of the class on a high for having such a good time.

NISO craziness is this weekend. Dress rehearsal Monday night, Children's concert on Tuesday afternoon (yay, no Spanish class!), and then the "real" concert on Tuesday night. It's going to be a busy beginning of the week. And it's looking like lots of Hope Haven work in the second half.

Ah, well, that's about all I have to say. Questions, concerns, or comments?

10 November 2005

Paint me red and call me a thief...

Name: Nicole
What you wish your name was: Aurelia or Calla or Kalila
Greatest irrational fear: That everyone will suddenly decide they don't like me and I'll be friendless.
Your best friend's name in 3rd grade:let me think here a moment...I think Mel Eekhoff
Do you like to type in italics: no
What's your school mascot: The Knights!! Just like almost every other Christian HS. Now it's the Defenders.
Who sat next to you in math: Amber (Steggerda) Huizenga
Have you seen "Chasing Liberty": Yes
Have you ever been to Maryland: Yes...to fly out of it.
Your thoughts on water: I like it.
Do you like Zebra Cakes: Yum.
Are you blonde at heart: No only at heart, I am a blonde.
Number of times you go to the bathroom each day: I don't count that sort of thing!!
Number of medications you're on:I can't tell you that.
Number of times in the emergency room: Once. For my knee.
Tree: Birch
Shampoo: Cheap and smells good.
Translation of the Bible: NIV
Country (not the U.S.): Mexico
Crayon color: Red
News reporter: I'm not picky.
Office supply store: I don't care.
Boxers or briefs: I'm a girl.
Agassi or Roddick: Ahh! I don't care.
Xanga or MySpace: Blogger
Cha-Cha Slide or Electric Slide: Cha-Cha Slide?
Kronk or Kuzco: ummm...i'm confused
Sat on a tack: Not in my recollection.
Used "Xanga" as a verb: Doubtful, yet possible.
Smoked a bubble pipe: Yes
Played "Ride the Pony": I'm gonna go ahead and skip this question
Thought about the significance of loving your liver:umm...no. but I do love it.
Thrown a dollar in the trash: I am Dutch and that is sacrilege.
Gotten a passport: Yes. I like it.
Made your own survey: Yes. In response to the sucky ones that circulated.

09 November 2005

Time is winding down...

I want to be found enjoying the next life...I see leaves and they are starting to turn brown...but they'll be green and growing when the second season comes around.

"Second Season" by Five Iron Frenzy. Ah, what a great song. What a great band. I love the randomness that plays when I sit at my computer.

Thanksgiving is nearing. Which means Christmas is nearing. Which means the semester is nearing. Ahh! Preregistration began this week....I'm going to have the weirdest semester ever. Luckily, I don't have any class conflicts, but I have 7 credits worth of Woodbury classes and then I have 7 credits worth of Kobes classes. Throw in a Shim and a Hper and a Duitman and there's my craziness.

At work yesterday, I was asked to work on December 4. I freaked out, said, "That's so far away," and was promptly reminded that it's less than 4 weeks away. Enter running around with head cut off Nikki. In exactly 2 weeks, it will be Thanksgiving week. In exactly 5 weeks, I will be done with exams. This is scary. My planner tells me (courtesy of my boredom) that there are 17 days of classes left!

Okay, enough with the numbers and counting down - no one have a heart attack. You will get everything done, you will be okay. Okay, that was as much for me as it was for you.

Anyway, I'm having a good, basically non-eventful week. I'm enjoying these days with time to do more than just being consumed with homework. And I'm enjoying looking forward to my spring classes :)


07 November 2005

I'm alive!! (and somewhat upbeat)

Well, it was a crazy weekend...I'll tell you that now. Friday included work on my linguistics and theology as well as supper at home.

Saturday included work on my linguistics and theology as well as time at home.

Sunday included church, work on Theology, and time at home.

This morning, I had the pleasure (?) of waking up at 6:45 to be at home by 7:30 to see off Jack and Jazz. I just heard from them - they're past Lincoln. Not bad.

I would like to sleep, have a back massage to get the kink out of my shoulder, and I would like to sleep.

But, today is also a good day. Our Club Hispano shirts came in today - they look awesome, if I do say so myself. They're brown this time, which I thoroughly enjoy.

Anyone else have iTunes 6? I'm not noticing any major differences, besides some stylistic choices. Did they do something else that I've missed?

Okay, that's it for now. It's a busy day and I'm tired, so I'd better head out.

latte (yes, I've resurrected it. Because I love coffee.)

03 November 2005

All Consuming

So, the study of God is consuming my life for the next few days. I should be okay with that. Truth be told, I'm downright frustrated. Kobes gave us a take home test that needs to be done by Monday. It's basically like the study guide he usually gives, and instead of taking 4 out of the 20 questions, we have to answer all of the questions. So, I'm expecting to devote my life to this class and to my linguistics project all weekend.

That means that I actually have to stick it to myself and be studious and that I can't procrastinate and goof off like I'm so good at doing. That also means that I can't derive very far from the schedule that I've set for myself...

In other news. I met with my difficult tutoring person tonight and we had a great time. We spent some time coming up with some zany ways to remember some of her difficult vocab words. She seemed to have a good time and the methods actually seemed to work out. I'm also starting to enjoy her, because I know that she's trying her hardest.

Tomorrow: 1 class at 10am. Other than that, coffee with my Sarah and lots of homework all day long!

02 November 2005

Sick and Procrastinatory

Ta-da!! A very sick, coughing, sniffly me attempts to avoid reading the 60 more pages she has left for Theology.

That's right, I'm sick. Again. Seems to be a recurring theme this semester. I got a big 'ol nasty cold - it threatened to come twice already this semester, and it finally hit. At the worst week. Cursed hug-a-linguist days. I'd actually curse, but I won't.

In other news...I'm really beginning to appreciate Spanish music. We've been listening to some of the songs in my conversation class, and I enjoy it. So much so, I bought a CD.

As I type this, I realize my spelling and comprehension today are severely sub-par. So I better just go back to reading before I start spelling even worse...

01 November 2005


Happy November! I pray you are not sick, tired, stressed, busy, or sad.