28 August 2007

Go Meat!

If any of you know the song "Boom Chicka Boom," this commercial will surely make you laugh! Also check out the other ones at the end...they're all wonderful (except for the remakes...)

27 August 2007

important information.

-I have a job interview tomorrow...
-I move on Saturday...

Crazy week!

20 August 2007

bits & pieces

thoughts running through my head...

- the house is official!
- I move in 11 days!
- I have things all over the basement. It looks like an earthquake hit, boxing up some things but not others.
- I worked 40 hours last week. Hopefully 20 this week.
- There are so many people to see before I leave. Are you included? Have I not had coffee or hung out with you yet?
- Is this all real, or is it a dream?
- I've submitted 10 resumes last week, 5 this week. Will something turn into something?

That's all I've got! My head is pure randomness, and I always seem to keep busy in some manner or another!

11 August 2007

my house.

Well friends, here's the house I'll probably be living in in Minneapolis! It's kind of hard to get an idea without seeing the inside, but you get the idea...we'd be living in the 2nd and 3rd floors!

06 August 2007


Well, I'm home now for about three to four weeks.

I wasn't sure if I'd have enough to do, but it seems that between unpacking, repacking, patched together work hours, job searching, and errand-running, there's more than plenty to do. Good. I feel useful then.

Know anyone in Minneapolis who would have good job search advice or be willing to let me know when they hear of something good coming up? Let me know...I'm looking!