20 March 2009

thoughts about the job

So I'm here at work thinking about my job. I like it. Some interesting information for you about my job.

1. Next week both of the coworkers that I work with will be out of the country. One will be in Scotland and the other in Nepal. I will be flying solo for quite a bit.

2. No one really knows what exactly our name is. I glanced at the checks written today. They should be made out to "Family & Children's Service" or "FCS". 4 checks, 4 different choices: Family and Children Service. Children and Family Services. CFS. Family and Children Services. You all lose. Good thing the bank will still take the check!

3. I really like helping people. Whether it's helping them get a room set-up, giving them another appointment, or showing them how to take the bus to get to the Co-op, I really enjoy it!

4. My job will be changing in the next few weeks. In a week and a half I will start to learn how to verify insurance benefits. It will be a long process, but an exciting change in what I will be doing and another added challenge.

**I should add two more things here:

5. I love my coworkers (yes, K, that includes you!) If it weren't for them, I don't think I would stick around at the job. They make all the difference. (Just ask for crazy stories about lady friends, parking spaces, or Fabio...)

6. I love cleaning at work. Today I cleaned out our fridge and managed to take home a plunder of celery, blueberry pie, butter, and yogurt, all fresh and unclaimed after numerous warnings of a fridge purging. Made my day to come home with free food!

There you have it! A few tidbits about a job that I really enjoy and that keeps me around.

11 March 2009

pictures from vacay

A few select pictures from my escapade to Oregon to see Neil, Sarah, and little baby Abigail!Here is Abby showing off her new baby blanket that I finally finished after being in Oregon for 3 days!

This little girl had some fantastic facial expressions.

As all babies do, she did a lot of sleeping, too! She was a very well-behaved baby.

It was a fantastic vacation and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way. We spend most of our days holding a baby, watching her sleep, and eating some food ourselves. Sarah and I got hair cuts on Saturday as a way of pampering ourselves, which was wonderful!

Sarah's delirium also began to show by the end of the trip when she suggested that she make smoothies for us, which contain yogurt and fruitables! We didn't let her forget that one...

04 March 2009

a list for the last month

here's what's new this past month...

1. My best friend had a baby! I have an honorary niece, Abigail Vonita
2. Tomorrow I leave for Oregon to visit my niece and her parents - I can't wait!
3. Possible change in job duties/promotion is in the works...it's only a matter of time!
4. Have now experienced "Hell's Kitchen" for breakfast in DT Minneapolis - it's a winner
5. Went to see "Godspell" the musical - fantastical!

Pictures and details from my trip to Oregon when I return!