16 March 2010

It's coming.

So, it's raining outside. And it's been dreary. And I can hardly take it anymore.

So, I'm taking matters into my own hands. I am going to control the weather with my very own handmade machine that diverts the rain from around me, almost like an umbrella, creating sunshine wherever I go so I am blissfully without dreary rain.


I'm going to think about the better things that are coming.
  • Twins games! 20 of them!
  • Twins vs Braves series on June! Cannot wait. No, literally. More excited than ever.
  • Walks with the boy around a lake. In the outside. Without a coat. Feeling the sun. Needing, I mean really needing to wear sunglasses.
  • Moving - in 24 days
  • Going on a honeymoon to Riviera Maya, Mexico

Wait, what, you're moving?

Yes, indeedy friends, the time has arrived. Nick and I found an apartment we are looking forward to call home, althuogh it will be home for me for about 4 months before it is for home. Staying in South Minneapolis, it's a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 1-kitchen, 1-massive living room, 1-half dishwasher, 1-normal sized refrigerator, 1-electric stove, paint colors we got to pick out, apartment!

We're pretty much in love. Can't wait to live there, to get settled there, for Nick to move in, to start our lives together.

See, now I don't care about the dreary. It's all about forward thinking.

08 March 2010

Things I like...

  1. Coffee and oatmeal in the early morning
  2. Going on an old school "dinner + movie" date
  3. Looking up the weather forecast and seeing 40's as the high ALL WEEK
  4. Making appointments to pick up my wedding dress
  5. Planning a wedding cake with my mom
  6. Going to a double baby shower for good friends
  7. Baking, baking, and more baking
  8. Hearing someone at church ask, "Did you make the treats today? They were really good!"
  9. Watching Lion King with my fiancee and singing along to the best songs
  10. My fiancee.

01 March 2010

In Memory

Last week we unexpectedly lost my aunt Becky, at age 55. She had a life-long struggle with diabetes and was on the brink of going through treatment that might help ease or even end that struggle.

My aunt was a loving, vibrant woman. She spent time tutoring missionary children in both Mexico and Costa Rica. She was the aunt I had conversations in Spanish with. She was the one I wanted to sit next to at big holiday dinners because the conversation would inevitably turn political, and I would at least agree with her.

She will be missed by many, especially my grandparents, who have now survived two of their daughters. Their pain is tangible, their tears difficult to bear. They loved their daughters and never expected to live more years than they.

My brother made a video of pictures for her memorial service this weekend. It's great to watch her grow up and enjoy her life. You can view it here.