27 February 2007

growed up

they say there comes a point in your life when you have to act "grown up" and you have to make your own decisions. No one can tell you what to do.

Well, I don't like it. Basically, I have a job-related decision to make this week and I'm still wavering back and forth on what to do. I'll probably be able to say more next week, but at the moment, it's all "up in the air" as they say.

In other news, I just wrote a paper proposal in Spanish because I'm going through withdrawal from not writing assignments in Spanish. I miss it so much, I wrote my assignment in Spanish and then put the translation in English at the bottom - both for my sanity and to find out what the professor will do. If anything, it made me smile.

Now, off to read about pietism and heresy. Tomorrow, 80's day in HPER class!

19 February 2007

Todo es bueno, bueno es todo

Well, it's all good, my friends.

No, I don't have a job...yet. But I have found lots of possibilities and my resume and all that jazz is almost done, so I'm starting to feel better. At least the process has started, the ball is rolling, and so on and so forth.

Life is good. All is good, good is all.

15 February 2007

4 questions summarize my life

...to summarize where my brain is, answer these questions:

1. A 1000kg car travels down the road with a constant velocity of 28 m/s due north. What is the net force on the car?

2. What was one of the main tenets of the Eastern Orthodox paradigm of mission?

3. Who was Tertullian? What makes him theologically significant?

4. What will I be doing when I graduate?

11 February 2007

all i have to say is...
"Hi, my name is Two K's,
I rode the short bus...
So check me out!"
(apologies, I'm not in this picture, but it's the bus I rode)

08 February 2007

give yourself a pin and get going

... my friend Mike, who's basically the same person as me, said this in October. I just found it now and it's basically exactly what I'm trying to live... (he even entitled the post, 'Popping the Christian Bubble'!)

The "Christian Bubble" is the network of friends in which all of the people share common ideals, beliefs, and convictions insofar as it relates to Christianity and God. We all have them, and they are not totally bad in and of themselves. God did intend for believers to have fellowship with one another. Our faith is not one to be lived out in isolation from one another. We need that network of Christians for support, community, and accountability. However, may I suggest that the same "Christian Bubbles" we need to survive as believers can also be a set back in out responsibility to reach the world. Here's what I mean. Often, we get so isolated from the world in our Christian circles that we lose all meaningful contact with the world that we are called to reach. We are so caught up with not being "of the world" that we isolate ourselves from it altogether. The whole idea of the unsaved coming to us is nice, but it just doesn't work that way. We can't just stay in our comfortable churches and wait for the unsaved to come running to us for answers. We have got to go to them and get our hands a little dirty. Having a solid Christian support system is a vital part of evangelism, but it is not healthy when that support system isolates us and thus hinders us from fulfilling the Great Commission. Many of us belong to "fundamental, evangelical, Bible believing churches." Shouldn't one of the purposes of such churches to be evangelism? If so, why are we creating the mindset of isolation from the world by establishing impenetrable Christian Bubbles? Think about it.

06 February 2007

this is me, doing my homework

So, once upon a time, I ordered a book online for a class. I ordered it 1 week before classes started, hoping it would arrive sometime during the week classes started.

And, it didn't. In fact, it never arrived. 3 weeks after I ordered it, I could finally file a complaint and get a refund for the book.

I then ordered it from somewhere else where it came in 3 days.

So now, this is me, doing my catch-up homework, reading about 60 pages for class tomorrow. Can't you tell I'm doing my homework? Sometimes I'd like to do anything but...blogger and facebook are bad when I'm in that kind of mood...

So, like I said...

This is me, doing my homework.

05 February 2007

Someone said that once...

Since I can't think of anything to post, here are some interesting quotes from all over my life...

"Don't tickle my napkin eater!"

"I'm the stupid neighbor girl..."
"No, not that kind of stupid!"

"And then we gonna eat some fruits."

"I'm captivated by the nuances of your face."

"Well, I wouldn't name my rabbit Wilfred."

(in order: Spring Break '05, Conversation with 'Laine, Emily, Colin, Hayley)