31 December 2004

It's New Year's Eve?

Well, it's the eve before New Year's day. Sadly, I am resorting myself to writing in my blog...I have read, I have watched TV, watched movies, played games and am starting to get "antsy" as we would say in my family. My life during the holidays is riveting - I realize this. I worked this morning, did laundry, watched a movie, ate some food, and read a ton. No one's coming over. At least not until 10. I'm not leaving the house until after midnight. That is when the fun begins, I'll admit that - we're going to Sioux City to go to Perkins and eat...not much, it's more for the social aspect of the outing, but we're trying to make a tradition - two years running...does that constitute a tradition?

Anyway, I'm definitely ready for classes to start again. I can't believe I'm saying that, but I'm ready to have more to do - all I do is work, maybe three hours a day, and then I read or "putz" around the house. Yes, my life could be a TV show. Boring, at that, I agree.

Well, I hope that "all of you" (whoever that is...I have no clue who reads this...) are having a great New Year's Eve and Day - celebrate, sleep in, do whatever. I will try my best to not be depressing anymore.

28 December 2004

Christmas Weekend

Well, it seems that Christmas weekend and a majority of the festivities that come with Christmas are now done. Friday was spent in lots of practicing and hanging out - my mom was in charge of a Christmas Eve drama and so then I was involved as one of the servants in "Bethlehem Inn," the inn where Mary and Joseph end up staying. It's a cool perspective to get on the story of the birth of Jesus. Anyway, that was our service on Friday night. Afterwards we opened stockings with the family.

On Saturday, we went to church and I played violin with a bunch of other people. After church we ate lunch and opened presents with the family. Lately, that seems to be rather anti-climactic to me - when I was little, it always felt like there were sooo many presents to open, and now there were just a few, and I don't care about presents as much as I used to. I like hanging out with family, talking, eating good food, and laughing, but the presents don't trip my trigger as much as they used to. Anyway, that night the Van Wyks came to play Court Whist which is a crazy card game where the rules keep changing.

On Sunday we had church in the morning again and then my grandparents and aunt came over for lunch. Jack made profession of faith in church, which was really cool. Then we hung out with family, talked a lot, ate some more, watched some movies. After everyone left, I headed to my room and started writing - which was exciting, because I hadn't been writing much lately. I also read through a lot of my works in progress and realized I still don't know what to do next with the plot! :)

Yesterday, my mom and I went to a wedding shower for Allison Van Wyk - it was a lot of fun with about 10-12 ladies. Then I went to work to do some SCL training (Supported Community Living). Then we went to my grandparents' house for family Christmas with the Maatmans - we hung out, ate some food, got gifts from the grandparents, and played the gift game, which I'm not so fond of, but it's all we can think of to do something with the family.

Now it's Tuesday. Plans? I need to go to the library. I work at 10. It's my parents' anniversary and I need to figure out if I'm going to do something for them or not. Other than that, I don't really have anything else going. It's a nice, balanced break - I'm glad I have stuff to do today, but I'm glad it's not jam-packed, also.

hasta luego

23 December 2004

Birthdays and days of nothingness!

Well, yesterday was my mom's birthday ~ she turned 50! We threw her a surprise birthday party and there were 28 of us there at this restaurant - I guess they were pretty overwhelmed at the restaurant, but we had a good time anyway!

Today I did nothing. Okay, seriously, I did do a little bit - I finished the second Left Behind book, I wrapped a few presents, and I helped my dad hang blinds in the living room - a Christmas/Birthday present for my mom.

That was about the extent of my day. I love getting e-mails from people during my breaks - that way I can still communicate with them even when we're not on the same campus!

Well, that's it for today, unless I decide to write another random poem.

22 December 2004

two hearts, one dream
this world can analyze and size you up
lazy ever moon coming up tonight shining through the trees
when i was a young girl

i've sure enjoyed the view
one day, one day
just a day, just an ordinary day
heard you say...no one seems to care bout you

stole the idea from someone else...first lines of the songs that played in winamp. what poetry.

well, maybe not

Okay, so maybe we aren't in Mexico...at least, not yet! I'm here in good 'ol USA, specifically, Iowa, where it's .3 degrees outside...anyway, I figure I might try this blog thing yet another time...maybe it will work this time...do comment on my boring life. Nothing is new here. it's Christmas break and books are excellent!