30 June 2009

and then there was a wedding

Went home this weekend for a wedding. The wedding was fantastic - lots of fun, friends, and good times spent together.Here are the bride and groom at the reception. Kissing because someone gave them money.
Here are 4 of the 7 D6 girls... we forgot to take a picture of all former roommates, but this is as close as we got. They are all current or former Minnesota girls!

A good time was had by all, this I know for sure.

24 June 2009

APOW, Week 6/22/09

This week's APOW comes from the GQ fall preview for men's style. And one of my current favorite actors, Ed Westwick
Ed Westwick = Chuck Bass.

That's all I need to say.

23 June 2009

weekend update with...

Here's your weekend update. Sorry, no Seth Myers or Amy Poehler. Just me.

Friday night and Saturday night I went to the Twins games. Won on Friday night (go Twins!) We were way up in the cheap seats (sorry to my acrophobic Mama!), but no neck craning and good times nonetheless.

Here we are, courtesy of the Twinsfan photographer.
We lost on Saturday. But there were 6 total home runs and the score 6-5, so it was still a well-played game. Would have been nice to win.

Saturday morning, my dad discovered his bike stolen. Sorry, Papa! He made the best of it, though. I offered up my old school bike for his use, but he declined. He has a back-up bike at home, so he's still good to go.

Sunday was a good day filled with breakfast, church, Sunday dinner, and an impromptu trip out to Buffalo. This impromptu trip allowed me to see a fairly fantastic home video of the boyfriend in a skit where he plays Bill Clinton and sings pretty awesome songs. Oh, college days. Too bad that my family doesn't have any home videos for him to watch in return.

That's it. Last night we played Kubb in the park and watched Kung Fu Panda with some friends. Love that movie.

Today is 12-hour marathon workday, but it will be all worth it come Friday when I can leave early and get going down to Iowa for someone's wedding.

20 June 2009

name the computer!

Well, friends.

This morning I woke up and my laptop was toast. It wouldn't start and Dad, the computer guru himself, deemed it dead.

So today we took a little trip to Best Buy and bought a new lappy. It's something I've been thinking about doing, but it was more of a "off in the future some day" type thought.

But the moral of this story is that I need help naming the laptop. The rules are:
  1. Creative*
  2. First name female
  3. 2nd name male
Come up with something good and you could win the contest to name my very computer.

* Chuck Bass is not an eligible name. Be more creative than that!

17 June 2009

Music City

Hi Friends. Last night I returned from a birthday vacation to Music City - Nashville, TN. I had a fabulous time. A good friend of mine from my semester in Costa Rica lives there. I stayed with her and her family, who is super fun. They are fantastic jokers, teasers, and full of snarkiness. My kind of people.

Friday we had lunch with Hayley's brother and then went shopping. Hayley took me on a mini shopping spree for my birthday, where we found a salsa dancing outfit for that evening. That night we went salsa dancing, VIP thanks to her boyfriend! I don't have pictures of that, but I hope to get them soon.

Saturday we went hiking with the family at Fall Creek Falls. That was a great time, minus a pulled muscle, which is now recovered.

Sunday we went to the Adventure Science Center, a science museum for kids. It was a good time, we made some fun out of it!This is our ride on the simulated moon walk. It was a load of fun, plus nice to have the paparazzi there to take our picture :)
Here we are at the top of the glass pyramid in the Adventure Science Center. We climbed and shimmied our way to the top, through a maze made for kids. We were successful! You can see Nashville in the background.

Monday was my BIRTHDAY! We went for brunch in the morning, which was fantastic. Then we headed over to Brushfire, a paint your pottery store. We spent almost 3 hours there painting to the max. I can't wait to see how mine turns out. Then we had a birthday dinner, courtesy of Hayley's mom - pork chops, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, green beans, baked beans, rolls, and finished off with double chocolate fudge cake and vanilla ice cream - yum!
Here is the amazing birthday cake. With a "2" candle and 4 small candles to symbolize 24!

Yesterday I made my way home. Instead of taking the flight I was supposed to and arriving at 2pm in Minneapolis, I took a bump. They gave me a flight voucher, put me in first class seats for the 2 new flights, and coupons to have free lunch while I waited.

All in all, it was a fantastic birthday vacation. My hosts were amazing and the activities were fun.

10 June 2009


Welcome to the first installation of something that I am going to *attempt* to do every Wednesday... it's APOD (Amazing Picture of the Day) Funny? Serious? Awesome? It will be one of those...

Today's picture comes from an article on CNN about "Nine Crucial Questions to Ask your Boss"

Jennifer Aniston in Office Space. Classic movie. Fantastic movie. Awesome work scene. Makes me smile just thinking of it. There is your APOD!


Well, it's June 10th already! This month is flying by, I think I'm in denial.

Not much has happened in June. We've had dicey weather for a while - it feels more like April than June right now - dreary, cloudy, rainy type days. And no thunderstorms either. That really saddens me. A grand prize goes to the first person who can generate a thunderstorm for me, and claim responsibility for it.

So, what's been going on? Last Saturday went to a birthday party for a friend that was relocated to the indoors. We hung out, chatted it up, ate some food, played Dr. Mario on the NES. Good times.

Last night we had a pre-birthday celebration. Okay, it wasn't that elaborate, but we went bowling (which unexpectedly took only 45 minutes...), wandered the mall, and went and saw Angels & Demons. It's good.

In other news, I leave for Nashville tomorrow afternoon for an extended weekend vacation. I come back on Tuesday. You'll probably get some rockin' pictures next week. The plans so far include salsa dancing, maybe swing dancing, maybe a birthday party for a friend, and something fantastic that has yet to be determined on my birthday. I love birthdays! (Mine or others'....especially mine...)

That's all she/I wrote for now.