20 May 2007


things that are good:
- seeing a friend after 5 months of "facebook-ing."
- driving across Iowa
- getting ready for camp
- coming up with fun crafts
- reading a new book you've been waiting for
- having a friend say hey randomly
- having a hang-out date with a certain archaic-German friend...

God is good, all the time.

14 May 2007

me gradue.

Well, it's official. I are a college graduate.

I even made my parents proud... ;)

Fraulein friend is a graduate, too...

And so is Shannon-friend.

And Rosh, too!

(And, of course, just a few other people). Fun was had by all on graduation day, I am sure. It was a lovely day, great weather, all that good stuff. Click here for more pictures if you're interested...

Oh, if you want my camp address for this summer, post on my blog and I'll get it to you.

08 May 2007

Raise your hand...

if you like Sufjan Stevens.

Because I just discovered him, and I like him much!!

04 May 2007


Well, the day finally arrived and Roshelle had a beautiful baby boy! Here he is when we went to visit, wearing cute little mittens so he doesn't scratch his face :) They say he's a happy baby, and I would agree.And this happens to be Sarah and me, making our "We're excited to be aunts!" faces. We took a lot of silly pictures, I love her.

This is it. Today is the last day of classes. Only exams await me.

Hope you are well.