23 August 2008

where do I begin? it's been a crazy little while lately, but all in all, a good crazy.

my lease began at my new apartment on the 15th, so I'm slowly/quickly moving things into the apartment. I'm waiting for paint to be put on the walls, since my landlord prefers that I not do the painting myself.

last night we had our "final" roommate time together before we're all moved out. it was a great time filled with laughter, food, self-taken photos, good drinks, fun games, awesome dessert, and all 5 of us sleeping in the living room together.

you can check out all sorts of pictures here

on tuesday, i will be moving the rest of my things, hopefully, and will start sleeping at my new apartment! huzzah!

that's all for now. hope you're doing well!

11 August 2008

this week

it becomes official. i'll have a new apartment which i'll slowly move into for the rest of the month. because i chose to be crazy like that?

It's our last few days/weeks together as a house, something that I'm becoming sad about. Here we are on a city tour, picture courtesy of Christy's iPhone.

I love Minneapolis and my roommates.

Hope you're well.

01 August 2008

one of those days

we've all had them. one of those days where it seems like nothing can go right. you get a headache because you're frustrated, you're either way too busy or not busy at all, and no one seems to do anything the way they're supposed to.

i'm having one of those days. where a fun paint project at work turned into a nightmare. where no one did their jobs and informed us of important information, making us look completely incompetent. where multiple people accused me of not doing my job, which just so happens to be 5% of my entire job duties and i'm doing the best that I can.

it makes me head hurt. it makes my coworker's stomach feel sick. and it makes me want to leave this office, go to the park, sit under a try, and have nothing to do with the world. why can't adults be competent at doing their jobs, when it's the easiest job in the world to do?