21 January 2010

so good

life is so good right now. indescribably so.

i love my job.

i love my family.

i love my boyance.

i love minneapolis.

i love my friends.

I love the balance I've finally found some sort of manner to achieve.

13 January 2010

The Big E

That's right, the big E: Engagement.

Here's how it happened.

On December 23rd, our 8 month anniversary, Nick had the day off but I was working. I knew he was up to something, but not sure exactly what or how it would happen. He showed up to my office that morning with gerbera daisies (my favorites!), Russell Stover chocolates (yum!), a CD, and a card. The card had a picture of us inside, with a note on the back that said "This is for the last eight months."After he left, but not before he told me that there were more surprises to come, I listened to the CD, where he read me a poem he had written.

I worked the rest of the day, but wasn't very focused! After work I went to my massage appointment, then to my chiropractor. While I was at the chiropractor, Nick showed up. He waited for me to finish, then took me to the nearby restaurant where we'd had our first date 8 months ago. We reminisced what it was like then and what it was like now. He gave me another card with another picture, this time a note on the back saying "This is for today."

After dinner we drove back to my apartment. At my apartment, he took me into my room, plugged in his iPod, and told me he'd found this great song during the day and wanted to play it for me. It was "This I Know" by Sam & Ruby. We'd never heard of the duo before, but the lyrics were perfect. (I tried to find them online to share them, but no luck. Sorry!) We danced together during the song.

After dancing together, Nick told me to stay put and went back into the living room. He came back with another card with another picture inside that said "This is for the many years to come."

Then he kissed me on one cheek for 8 months.

Kissed me on the other cheek for today.

And then he got down on one knee and said, "Nikki Maatman, will you marry me?"

So here we are, happily engaged, enjoying the moment before we packed up Nick's car and drove to his parents to avoid the blizzard conditions.

Here's the ring. Beautiful!

And your token engagement picture..

And kissy.