29 July 2009

APOW: Adrenaline

I almost gave you Brett Favre today. And then I remembered that this is the Amazing/Awesome picture of the week. That would not have been so Awesome.

So, I give you Valleyfair. It's my newest love. I am going again in August. Twice. My 2 favorite rides:
The Extreme Swing is exactly what it claims. It swings you back and forth. You get to look down at people on the sidewalk. It's pretty much amazing. I can't wait to do it again.

And Steel Venom. This is only a taste. But you start level, it shoots you up there, then you go back and up, kind of like a pendulum. Lather, rinse, repeat.

24 July 2009

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

So, I know some crafty people in my life. Last weekend, a few of them collaborated together to give me a fun little surprise. After the week at camp, I headed to my parents' to spend the rest of my weekend. Little did I know that my mom and Nick had conspired together for him to be there. Here we are, when I first see him, utterly surprised. Pretty sure I said, "What are you doing here?"
And here we are hanging out. Pretty much it was a good way to end a week of vacation!
In other news, I would just like to say that I love the sound of thunderstorms. While we haven't had a full out storm in a while, I'm a fan of the little ones that come along. I'm currently sitting at my desk in my apartment, windows open, rain falling. There was some thunder earlier, yay!

This weekend equals hanging out with family, Valleyfair, and Aquatennial fireworks. It's going to be a good weekend.

In another random note, I'm reading this crazy, satirical book called Captain Freedom: A Superhero's Quest for Truth, Justice, and the Celebrity he so Richly Deserves. It's great. It's crazy. It's funny.

22 July 2009

APOW. Times Two.

Hi Friends. A real post is coming soon. I was gone all last week, so you are being treated to a double APOW, with two fun pictures and related links...

I bring you Sarah Palin. We all know her, *cough* love her. Vanity Fair has posted a fantastic bit where copy editors tear apart her resignation speech. If you're a grammar nerd like me, this is fantastic. I cringed. Mostly, I wonder how she would have been as Vice President. Scary. Read it if you can. I couldn't get past the first 2 pages because I was seeing so much red...

And, once again, for some comic relief, I bring you Ed Westwick. New York Magazine had an online article about a commenter for the Gossip Girl blog who finally met Chuck Bass *cough* er, I mean, Ed Westwick.

I'd just like to make 2 comments about that article: First, I hope my boyfriend would do the same for me. Amazing. Second, I love September 14th, too, and I can't wait!

08 July 2009

APOW: Inspiration Ahead

Next week, I'll be at Inspiration Hills for the week, volunteer as a chaplain. So, in honor of the upcoming week, here is your APOW: Inspiration Ahead!

01 July 2009

APOW, Week 6/29/09

Here is your Awesome Picture of the Week, in honor of the nearing All Star game and the local Minnesota pitch to get your players into the All Star game (okay, it's pretty much a done deal by now.)
Here you have 2 of my favorite Twins (and faves for pretty much everyone else, too!), Mauer and Morneau. Mauer's current batting average is .383 and Morneau's is .313 Joe Mauer has gotten over his little "I'm on the cover of SI" slump and is back at it.

If the Twins make it all the way this year, it's thanks to these two men. Happy summer = baseball!