21 December 2010

Shameless plug

I have a husband.

He has a blog.

This is me plugging his blog.

He has a lot of writings that he's doing at work, with his very recent job change. But some other things, like grad school options.

And basically, I think you should read it or add it to your list of blogs you read or whatever you people do.

Because I love that he's writing, and professional, and keeping a blog!

Oh, wait, I'm not sure if I've linked it for you yet. ;) His blog is here.

18 December 2010


So, after a friendly nudge from dear bloggerfriend Sabrina, I realize that it's high time for an update.

We're gearing up for Christmas travel and wonderfulness with our first Christmas as a married couple. We love our new Christmas tree, wrapped presents (thanks, K!), adorable little Holly-dog, and job changes!

That job changes are the biggest news. Starting on Monday, I'm going to go back to being an Administrative Assistant (III, if you must know) at the agency that I was previously at. I'll be working 4 days a week in our Bloomington, Minnesota office with the beautiful benefit of FRIDAYS OFF! I couldn't be more ecstatic at the prospect of a 3-day weekend. People keep telling me that I'll be so busy recovering from the longer days of work that I won't like the extra day, but I'm going to find out for myself.

Nick's job is changing, as well. He's going to be working exclusively for KTLK, the local talk radio station, updating their website and keeping tabs on current politics and breaking news. I'm very excited for him, as he'll be able to capitalize on his journalism education, plus his love of politics. Today really sealed the deal for me that his change is fabulous, as we sit and watch CSPAN while the senators take a vote and he names them one by one. He knows his stuff, people, and he's going to use that knowledge!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. We hope you have a great holiday-time filled with joy, love, hugs, and holiday cheer!