29 July 2007

i am...

also...Ruby Garcia is the winner!

22 July 2007


A new car! This weekend I bought myself (with help from my parents, of course) a maroon 2002 Honda Civic, pictured below.

But I need your help, my friends. What will I name my car? Take a vote, post your opinion - choose one listed below or suggest a new one...

1. Ruby Robinson
2. Ruby Tuesday
3. Ruby Garcia
4. Matty the Magnificent
5. Razmatazz
6. Zoe

17 July 2007

it's all over.

the job has been given to someone else.

but i'll be going to minneapolis anyway, that's where God is calling me.

the job search continues.

08 July 2007

the waiting game.

i had my interview on Friday. i find out this week hopefully soon. i don't want to talk about how it went anymore. it was in spanish. the end.

02 July 2007


Well, my calendar says that it's July 2nd already. It's hard to believe. I feel like May and June were such a blur, but here July is, ready to go. I think I'm ready for it to go, too.

I have an interview in Minneapolis this week, on Friday. It's a second round interview. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time, but it's kind of amazing that I've made it to the second round of something. So I'll be going there at the end of this week!