30 March 2006


I need to do that in real life.

I have a mid-term due tomorrow by the "end of the day." I have spent the last two hours working on it and have 4 of 6 pages "done." I put that in quotatio marks because I don't know if I'm happy with it, but it is done.

In happy news, I ate supper at my old apartment today. I told them, effectively, that I haven't laughed and had company at the dinner table like that in a long time. The conversation included things I don't remember anymore, but I do remember smiling and laughing and thinking I would like it to last.

Tomorrow is Friday. Dinner party #3 of the semester. At 8pm, come watch Spanglish in S101 with Club Hispano. Chips and Salsa and Apple pop :)

Okay, back to write about one more page of info and conclude my midterm. Tomorrow I'll decide I don't like it and change half of it.

29 March 2006

anything as a distraction....

both my foot and knee hurt today, so here's a re-do of the band game in order to distract me.

1. Choose an artist/band.
Chris Rice

2. Are you male or female?
Questions for heaven

3. Describe yourself.

4. What do some people think you are like?
Smellin' Coffee

5. How do you feel about yourself?

6. Desribe where you want to be.
O Little Town of Bethlehem

7. Describe how you live.
Everything's OK

8. Describe how you love.

9. What would you ask for if you had one wish?

10. Share a few words of wisdom.
Smell the Color 9

11. Where do you live?
Welcome to our World

12. Say goodbye.
The Final Move

28 March 2006

Assess This!

Assessment day was today. Sophomores rejoiced because they had basically nothing they had to do. I, on the other hand, got the short end of the stick.

Dordt chose half of the juniors to participate in assessment. This is the 4th time in my college career I've had to do the general assessment (math that one out!)

Let me line out my assessed day for you:
9:00 Am - go to Spanish department, participate in 10-minute oral proficiency interview with Spanish professor, attempting to convince her that higher education is good, especially at my college. Then trying to convince her to take back the shoes I just bought and give me a refund.
9:30 am - proceed to the massive classrom, C255. Squeeze into tiny desk, be surrounded by Calvin, Beth, Ninny, Jon, Julia, Becca, and more. Be handed a very Iowa Test of Basic Skills-like test. Take 2 60-minute tests, full of rudimentary algebra, annoying reading comprehension questions, and horribly written sentences. Between tests, try to complete crossword puzzles (4, to be exact) between Nate, Calvin, Jon, and me. Switch them up. Feel smarter by doing crossword than the actual test.
11:30 am Finish testing for the morning. Do Greek homework, eat lunch.
1:00pm - Proceed to the Spanish classroom. Take an listening comprehension test, identical to the one I took the year before. After which, take a 75 question, multiple choice test in Spanish covering grammar and reading comprehension. Use only 20 minutes of the allotted 60 to take the test.

2:30 pm Finish being assessed.

Prior to assessment day: The Spanish department politely demanding that all of its majors do the following: 1. Write one (1) 1-2 page essay in Spanish on why you're studying Spanish and if you think you chose the right language (why didn't you tell me you'd assess me like this?) 2. In addition to the standardized test on the actual assessment day, take an online proficiency test that you have taken at least four times before.

So, I had a lot to do today. More so than a normal Tuesday. I am officially assesesed. Let me just say to Dordt:

Assess This!

27 March 2006


I did something that I have never done before. Something that I never understood until now. Something that most people had done by their Junior year in college.

I overslept and missed 2 classes.

26 March 2006

...from Andrea

1. Choose an artist/band.
Rascal Flatts

2. Are you male or female?
Dry County Girl

3. Describe yourself.
Like I Am

4. What do some people think you are like?
Falling Upside Down

5. How do you feel about yourself?
Fast Cars and Freedom

6. Desribe where you want to be.

7. Describe how you live.
Feels like Today

8. Describe how you love.
My Worst Fear

9. What would you ask for if you had one wish?
Prayin' for Daylight

10. Share a few words of wisdom.
Some Say

11. Where do you live?
It's not just me

12. Say goodbye.
I'm movin' on

24 March 2006

For Justine

Justine asked today if anyone ever just felt like venting, even if there was nothing in particular to vent about. So, Justine, the answer is yes, and this one's for you:

While I love being back at Dordt, I can't seem to get myself to study. Maybe because it feels like I've been doing ridiculously annoying homework. For one class, we had a test on material we never covered in class (eek). And in another, we're starting a secion on gender issues. A topic I hate to talk/debate (whatever it turns into). And I'm feeling like my Greek skills are going all down hill and it really is "all Greek to me" lately.

Could we just slow down the good parts of the day? I love the times I've been spending with my dear, dear friends as of late. There's an excitement in the air that seems to be a combination of old and new: reminiscence and a high from spring break and also an air of excitement that the end now seems in sight and just possible achievable (after all of the mass projects).

And, to end with another vent/rant. I'm sick of the Dordt/CRC mentality that you must be married. No matter where I go, there's always the feel of marriage in the air. People are getting married left and right. Getting engaged. "hookin up" over spring break (that happens a lot!). So, I've decided to give in. I'm marrying Trevor, dating Jon, and dating Mason. I'm marrying Trevor so he can win a bet (with me!) and I can satisfy onlookers. I'm takin Jon and Mason to all important events from now on. They're going to alternate events and play mock boyfriends from now on.

I guess I can say that I'm really thankful for the friends that I have that I can laugh with and joke with and also know will really be there for me when I need it (like a fake date!). In about two weeks, it will be a year since I dislocated my knee. I think back and see so many people that helped me out in that crazy month at the end of the year, packed with projects and the Jubilee tour. So, no, I won't be dislocating any time soon if I can help it. But there is talk about a modified version of Red Rover with crutches, if we can pull it off. If not, I'm just going to have a lot of people over for the fun of it.

21 March 2006

____________ of Spring Break

Nate, if you read this, sorry, I stole this general idea from you.

Spring Break in generalizations:

Best moment of Spring Break: Spending hours at a wedding dance, feeling like my legs would fall off, and not wanting to stop.

Lowest moment of Spring Break: Having some plans for the wedding reception falling apart and hitting a card and feeling exhausted all at the same time.

Biggest Spring Break accomplishment: Finishing all of my financial aid stuff in under two hours.

Biggest downfall of Spring Break: Not starting on some projects like I said I would.

Song of the break: Dancing with Dreams by Phil Vassar (props to Debby for introducing it to me)

Latest sleep-in time: 11am (completely unintentional, might I add)

Overall feel of the break: Productive, got me ready to finish out the semester, I'm glad to see people again!!

16 March 2006

Baseball's a comin'

Oh, wait, it's actually here. We're sitting and watching the World Baseball Classic - Mexico vs. Team USA. A deciding game toward the semi-finals.

Ah, yes, the smell, cough, the sound of baseball. The sound of angry fans, arguing a call. Announcers talking about inadequate umpires. Controversy. How I love it.

In just a few short weeks, Major League Baseball will begin its regular season games. I'm planning on enjoying every game I can. I know that once my Camp and then Costa Rican stint begin, baseball will be far off my radar. So, I'm going to enjoy it. The runs, the hits, the strikes, the balls, the umpires, the mis-calls, and everything else that comes along with it.

Take that as exciting news or as a warning, whatever you will. Crazy baseball girl has returned!

12 March 2006

esposo/a:spanish - wife or husband.

Esposo y Esposa!

That's my brother and my brand new sister-in-law. On Saturday, Jack and Jazz got themselves married to each other at a rockin' ceremony. (Especially once the door was opened for ventillation).

It was an awesome ceremony, excellent food, wonderful emcees, an awesome program, including a song about eelye, the vw bus, as well as a kickin dance that was a great time (even if there was no country music!)

So, it was a wonderfully event-filled weekend of rehearsals and flower arranging and hair-doing and pictures and weddingness.

Pictures to come I'm sure.

I have a sister! Woot.

06 March 2006

04 March 2006

drumroll please....

I've been officially accepted into the Latin American Studies Program in Costa Rica, which will run from August 29th to December 17th.