30 December 2007


Finally, the long awaited answers...

1. The sun is hot and that old clock is movin' slow, and so am I. The workday passes like molasses in wintertime, but it's July. (Five O'Clock Somewhere - Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffet)

2. Any man of mine better be proud of me, even when I'm ugly he still better love me. I can be late for a date that's fine, but he'd better be on time. (Any Man of Mine, Shania Twain)

3. All my bags are packed and ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door. I hate to wake you up to say goodbye. (Leaving on a Jet Plane - multiple artists)

4. When you're in your little room and you're working on something good. But if it's something good you're gonna need a bigger room. n (Little Room - The White Stripes)

5. Maybe it was the moonlight, the scent of you on the breeze. Maybe it was your shadow fell over me. Such a beautiful stranger... (My Heart is Lost to You - Brooks & Dunn)

6. Coke bottle glasses, I'm sitting in the corner with my finger up my nose....another day of sch0ol with my friends. (Suckerpunch - Five Iron Frenzy)

7. He said I was in my early 40s, with a lot of life before me, and a moment came and stopped me on a dime. I spent the next days look at the x-rays... (Live Like you were dyin' - Tim McGraw)

8. When I was born, they looked at me and said, what a good boy, what a smart boy, what a strong boy. (What a Good Boy - Bare Naked Ladies)

9. Sometimes, some crimes, go slippin through the cracks. But these two gumshoes are pickin up the slack. (Chip & Dale, Rescue Rangers - Disney Afternoon)

10. Yeah we're comin' to your city. Gonna play our guitars and sing you a country song. (Comin' to your City- Big & Rich)

11. She's gonna break soon, gonna break soon, gonna break soon. So many problems in her life, it really comes as no surprise. (She's gonna break soon - Less Than Jake)

12. No, no, no, no, don't phunk with my heart. I wonder if I take you home, would you still be in love? (Don't Phunk with my Heart - Black Eyed Peas)

13. I play chicken with the train, play chicken with the train. (Chicken with the Train - Cowboy Troy)

14. I was working in the lab late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight when the monster from my slab began to rise, and suddenly before my eyes... (Dr. Demento - Monster Mash)

15. They think we're nothin, are we nothing? No! They think they've got us, do they got us, no! Even though we ain't got hats and badges we're a union just by sayin' so... (The World Will Know - Newsies!)

16. Goodnight my angel time to close your eyes and save these questions for another day. I think I know what you've been asking me, I think you know what I've been trying to say. (Lullaby - Billy Joel)


27 December 2007

Merry 2 days after Christmas

Hello my friends...

A very merry 2 days after Christmas and not quite New Year's wish to all of you.

I hope your Christmas was great or is going well! Mine was quite lovely - I managed to get home, hang out with family, see some good friends, eat much too much food, and hear Pastor Herm preach twice!

Things are pretty much back to normal over here - I'm back to work again, which was a little rough after having 4 days off, but it's not going too badly :) I got a new camera for Christmas, so you'll be seeing some fun pictures up here when I get the chance to take them off my computer!

Best wishes to you!

05 December 2007

try this...

You might surprise yourself... check out this quiz that the Washington Post put together about republican and democratic presidential candidates and their answers to 25 different questions.

Note: When you choose how "important" an issue is to you, you are choosing the number of points that you attribute to the unknown candidate. If no answers work for you, pick any answer and just say "not important."

Check it out!

04 December 2007

life is good

Finally, pictures from Thanksgiving! A fun picture at the Parthenon...

And bowling fun for 99 cents a lane!
Other than that, life moves on. I'm working a lot, but I enjoy my job so it's all good.

We're getting our 5th roommate this weekend. She's nice, so I'm excited to see how things work out. It will be an adjustment, but I think a good one.

I was thinking the other day... do you ever buy things on sale just because they are on sale? I have a pair of jeans that I bought on sale that I never really wear. I think I may have bought them, not even needed jeans, for the sole fact that they were so cheap. Anyone else do that? Anyone else do that with things other than clothes?