29 January 2008

Minnesota Cold (Part 2) Pounding a Nail with a Frozen Banana

Plus, this week's exciting forecast:

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around -20. Wind chill values between -38 and -43. Blustery, with a west northwest wind between 15 and 21 mph, with gusts as high as 31 mph.

Wednesday: Partly sunny and cold, with a high near 4. Wind chill values between -33 and -43. West northwest wind between 7 and 10 mph.

when your little dreams come reality....


1. Went to an 8am orientation for work downtown. After finally finding parking and getting there, I was ecstatic to know that in one short month, I can have health insurance. Dental insurance. Life insurance. Paid time off.

2. Was inspired by another new employee who talked about working for a non-profit being her dream since she'd graduated from college. I'm so thankful that I was able to get into the non-profit world faster than many.

3. Met many employees at my office - too many to remember! Every single one of them nice, ecstatic to meet me (even if they just came down for the donuts and fruit!)

4. Encouraged as my supervisor commented that I "catch on fast" and she's willing to let me learn things at my pace

5. I have a computer account and e-mail address, soon will have a direct phone number.

6. Went to a dinner for one of my volunteer places. Took a student home, she makes my day every time I see her.

7. Went to bed early, only to realize my work day doesn't start until 10am!

It's a good start to the week, didn't encounter "a case of the Mondays" - my pipe dream of working for a non-profit has finally come to truth. It will be a long road still, but there I am.

27 January 2008

good things, every day...

in no particular order....

1. Enjoying wonderful California weather while it was barely (or sometimes not even) 0 degrees in Minneapolis.
2. Seeing a best friend in happy situations when we expected sad situations...
3. Anticipating the start of a new job in under 24 hours.
4. Cereal nights!
5. Seeing mission-style architecture
6. Getting to know my sister (-in-law) better.
7. Loving on some dogs
8. Dreaming of owning my own dog someday
9. The weather looking up, at least for a little while
10. Laughing, laughing, and more laughing

It's been a good long while. God is so good.

12 January 2008

the times, they are a changin'

Hello friends.

I have exciting news for you! I will be starting a new job 2 weeks from Monday! I just found out yesterday that I got a job with a non-profit agency working as the front desk receptionist/hotline answerer.

So, that means, without having to go into major explanation, that I have 2 weeks off before I start a new job! I'll be seeing my dad, going to LA to see brother and sister-in-law, and then my best friend and almost-sister will be coming to see me right before I start my job!

I'm super excited and would love to post more about it later, but I thought I would let fellow readers know that I'm switching jobs! And, thanks to those of you who put up with a lot of complaining, tears, and frustration. Hopefully that will be gone from my life in regards to my job for a while!

Hope you are all doing well, also :)

08 January 2008

a real-life anecdote:

For those of you looking for some humor, give this one a try:

As of yesterday afternoon, my boss tells everyone that we'll be having our "Holiday Party" on Tuesday night. This hereby qualified as our 28 hours' notice. He tells us vaguely that we'll be going to "Buca" although he doesn't know where. We'll be leaving at 5pm.

At 5pm, we're waiting in the front of the office for our boss to show up. A variety of people have either real or made-up excuses as to why they are not coming. The rest of decide we want the free food. We soon discover that our boss is in the other room getting a chiropractic adjustment. So we have to wait for him in order to go.

Then, deducing that only he knows how to get to the restaurant, the rest of us agree to follow him. Being the entirely individualistic society that we are, WE ALL TAKE SEPARATE CARS. That's right, separate cars.

We then proceed to follow my boss, who puts on his hazard lights for the entire trip, going roughly 20 mph in a 40mph zone. On our way there, we then turn around in a random parking lot, him leading with 4 cars behind him, following.

We eventually arrive at the restaurant to eat Italian (which tasted very good, by the way!), but not before laughing at how ridiculous we were!

On a more nostalgic note, some picture from a visit from dear Becca this past weekend:Happy to see each other!

Sad that Sarah can't be here with us!