27 October 2007

Not just any place...

Well, friends, I sit in the coffee shop for what may just be the last time to pilfer internet.

That's right, we have promise of internet next week. We got the official flyer in the mail this week and they say they can get it going for us. 2 months later, it's finally going to happen! I am feeling much excitement, and quite thusly enjoy talking in such manner.

And, I'm going to a Halloween Parade today. And not just any parade...a parade in the Halloween Capital of the World.

That's right. Maybe they're self-proclaimed like LeMars and their ice cream, but it's quite exciting to be going. Although, it's a tad chilly out, so that is not the highlight of the day, but I'm quite excited for the parade. Apparently they throw out free candy. Hoorah.

Well, then, I shall go and get groceries before going to the parade in...where was that? Oh, yes...the Halloween Capital of the World.

11 October 2007

let's see how far we've come.

friends, it's been over 5 weeks since I moved to my home in Minneapolis.

I have something monumental to share with you:

I have plans this weekend!

That's right. I am hanging out with some friends this weekend (no, they're not my roommates) as well as spending some time volunteering.

I'm so excited, as you can probably tell. I've not been very proactive, but a new potential friend took the initiative, called me up, and said, "Come hang out."

So, it's all working out in its own time. I'm so happy now, plus I have tomorrow off of work :)

Have a great weekend!!

05 October 2007


That's how many phone calls we have to make yesterday and today.

I'm writing this because I'm taking a much needed morning break. Yesterday I probably called over 180 doctors, some of whom I had to call back.

Today will mark 40 hours of work this week. Lucky me, I'm working this weekend, too.

At least I get Monday off. And probably more time off because I'll work more than 8 hours this weekend.

I hope you're all doing well. While I may be making many phone calls, I do have a job and I'm not making phone calls 40 hours a week for the rest of my life. Because then I would quit.

I really do hope you're doing well. What is new with you?