23 July 2008

random thoughts

it's been a while since I posted. here are some things that happened since then:

- volunteered at camp for a week. Not quite sure yet if I worked more or had more fun, but it was a good experience
- hung out with some good friends. craziness. check out Facebook to see the photos of camp and craziness, combined into one.
- Mom is still up and down - we're waiting to hear on a second opinion from Mayo
- Found a new apartment! I'll be moving in between August 15th and 30th, so I'll have a nice chunk of transition time

Do you want my future address? Do you want to tell me something? Let me know and I'll hook you up with whatever you need :)

09 July 2008

mi mama

Most of you know...but if you don't, please pray for my mom, and here's the story:

My mom has been having headaches for over 9 weeks now. At first we thought they were just the result of jet lag and having returned from Taiwan. Soon, we realized it must be something more, since they weren't going away. After lots of tests, they finally determined she's been leaking spinal fluid from somewhere - the question is, where?

While they attempt to find out where the leak is, my mom continues on with headaches, at least one a day, and lives on pain killers. As you can imagine, it's frustrating to not be able to work or get around as easily as she would like.

Her next test is this coming Tuesday, unfortunately postponed from this week, which means even more waiting.

Please pray for her - I believe in the power of prayer and the strength in numbers. She and I will both appreciate your prayers.

03 July 2008

a list of thoughts

1. Lawn games are a blast, especially ones easily learned

2. Trying out some soft contacts this weekend. Not so bad...yet.

3. Mosquitoes are out in full form this summer. Bug bites already in the double digits

4. Iowa should try out having more lakes, like Minnesota does.

5. Movies in the park are fun, free, and great to hang out with friends

6. Headaches are not fun, especially when had for 8+ weeks....pray for my mom

7. It's okay to be at home 3 weekends in a row.

8. I'm going to miss my roommates

9. Work slows down in the summer

10. Even after college, I still know how to procrastinate

11. Apartment hunting is a lot of work, especially when you know what you want.

12. Puppies are adorable and love to give kisses.

13. Unexpected e-mails from old friends are wonderful.