22 October 2010


I just have to vent a little bit. We have an issue in our apartment parking lot. We've been assigned a spot and we're happy to have off street parking. Our "parking neighbors," though, don't seem to have much parking etiquette.

For as long as we've been parking there, our neighbors have been precariously parked. Crooked, skewed, sometimes creeping into our spot. It hasn't always been super horrible, and we understand that it's a tricky spot to get into.

This week, though, the parking has gotten to be quite atrocious. This morning we walked out to the situation pictured below. Nick, who drives us to work every day, had to walk around the car and get in from the rear because he couldn't get between the cars at the front.

More than anything, we wonder if some morning we're going to walk outside and find out that we've been hit because of the poor parking job.

See what we mean? You'll see a car clearly encroaching in our lane, and, worse, creating almost no space for us to get out without hitting the car.

We don't know whose spot it is. There are 20 parking spots and they're not assigned by us, so we can't, nor would we, hunt down the drive and approach him. Although I'm tempted to leave a note.

My only plea is that if this driver park so horribly, that he please realign himself to allow us some exiting room. After realigning, then he can put his Club back on the steering wheel.

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